Once in a while, one comes along. A fantastic couple in of things that just make each individual piece better simply for being paired with the others. Peanut butter and jelly, vodka and cranberry juice, Ibanez electrics with heavy bottom light top strings. You get the idea. Last night was just such an occasion. We had the overwhelming pleasure of being whiteness to Videogames Live in Phoenix Arizona.

I am a lifetime gamer. I was a kid in the 80’s and I played Nintendo when Super Mario Bros had just come out and I spent the majority of the 90s plaything games blasting music and being a nerd. I always loved those years. (Insert nostalgic sigh here). Videogames Live literally embodies the 90s for me and one of the best times in my life into one hell of an awesome event.

Playing the scores from the games we all know and maybe don’t even realize we know so well lol. I cant tell you how many flashback moments I had to games that I couldn’t even remember playing but I knew the songs. Mixed with orchestral arrangements, Heavy guitar licks, laser lights and even a little bit of comedy. It’s a nerds fantasy evening.

Video games live has been around a long while now and while many of you may have already heard about this, as nerd culture grows we have reached a place where even seasoned nerds don’t know about long-standing nerd icons. What a wonderful time to be alive 🙂


I totally recommend checking out Videogames Live in your area as well as online.

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