A few years ago we were at Saboten and wondered by a room with a panel going on inside. When the people inside saw us waling slowly by they called out to us and invited us in. Never having been… Read More

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Sabo Landscape

Saboten con was held just a few days ago and we are all sharing in a collective joy cloud of memories. This year was one of the biggest years at Sabo. We have been lucky enough to have attended Sabo… Read More

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Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019

As we walked around the familiar halls of the Phoenix Convention Center we saw a man wearing a shirt that embodies our own sentiment… “It’s Still Comic-Con tome” it read and it sure was. Over the past few years there… Read More

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Phoenix Comic Fest 2018

Comicon 2018 is now Comic Fest Nerd of the day has been going to Phoenix Comicon for many many years now and this year things were just little bit different. Most notable was the obvious name change from Comicon to… Read More

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5 reason to avoid Anime Expo

For several years we’d been dreaming of going to Anime Expo in los Angeles. As avid anime fans we were always catching anime con’s and panels all over the country and hearing about Anime Expo as being the Mecca for… Read More

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A perfect pairing

Once in a while, one comes along. A fantastic couple in of things that just make each individual piece better simply for being paired with the others. Peanut butter and jelly, vodka and cranberry juice, Ibanez electrics with heavy bottom… Read More

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ACE Comic Con 2018

This past weekend we were able to attend a brand-new con here in Arizona. ACEcomic con is the second con put on by Ace universe a new contender in the comic con arena. Now we have been to new and… Read More

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Taiyou 2018

2018 is off to an amazing start and the new year of Cons has begin with the increasingly awesome Taiyou con in Mesa AZ. Our readers know that are total con junkies and attend cons all over the country of… Read More

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New Horror is weak!

Like many of you, I am a huge horror fan. Since I was a kid I always loved the maniacs and monsters of the screen. The suspense the fear and the fun. Jason, Freddy, Chucky the whole lot of them… Read More

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This will be the first article I have written of this type and I am doing so because I realized I had an interesting opportunity. As some of you may know we recently had the opportunity to go and check… Read More

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