Nerd of the Day

Since 2012, we started bringing a new style of content to the world. An out of the box, do it our own way, going down swinging, not stopping until it works kind of content. From starting and retiring podcasts and videocasts, to footage of conventions, expos and events.


Break the mold on being a content network. Take the Nerd of the Day site and content to the next level. Whether it’s bringing in new and exciting people to talk about what they are working on, to having shows that will attract all kinds of people no matter their walk of life. We want to spark the imagination, ignite the soul and rocket our network to the next level.


  • Successful content creation.
  • Appealing to a mass audience.
  • Deliver our content on multiple platforms.
  • Recognize people within the industry for their hard work and dedication.
  • Help local businesses outreach through sponsorship’s.
  • Network with small businesses outside of the typical nerd realm.
  • Give back to the community through donations, marketing and sponsorship’s.