Comicon 2018 is now Comic Fest

Nerd of the day has been going to Phoenix Comicon for many many years now and this year things were just little bit different. Most notable was the obvious name change from Comicon to fan Fusion. Many people worried and speculated at this change and the change even kept some con goers at home.

Many feared that this con may have gone the way of several other cons that have “Fizzled out” as some avid con goers say. Phoenix Fan Fest, another con run in phoenix at the same venue and buy the same group, recently announced it was calling it quits so fear abounded that this might be a sign.

Not to worry

Nerd of the day was of course there in support of our home town and favorite con and we can affirm that the name change was about the only thing different about this con. Great guests wonderful vendors and as always the backdrop of the nerd community and downtown Phoenix’s amazing food and entertainment scene made this cone really no different than any of the years it ran flying the Comicon banner.

Heightened security looked much worse than it seemed and even though it did take some extra time outside going through check points the venue was much better secured and the system was far smoother than past years. It’s a small price to pay to know that everyone inside can have fun and do experience all the things they love with their friends and families in a safe environment. They even passed out water bottles to those in line cause it is a hot place to be outside.
All in all the Phoenix Con , no matter the name, marches on triumphant and we definitely recommend coming down next year.


2019 Phoenix Comic Fest will be Phoenix Fan Fusion in 2019

Can’t wait see you all there


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