Iwood Cosplay

What better way to kick of 2020 than with one of the best con’s in AZ?

That’s right the new year is just around the corner and we have all come to love starting our year with Taiyou Con.

What really sets Taiyou apart from other conventions is the tight knit community of true fans. We have been to and covered conventions all over the US but when it comes to shows where you can really feel the excitement and the passion from the fandom, nothing beats anime conventions and leading the pack is Taiyou.

The cosplay is amazing, shopping is fun and unique and of course the panels are fantastic. It is a very welcoming and genuine environment that absolutely welcomes all fans equally.

You might not be a big anime fan now but one trip to a con like Taiyou will make you see not just the appeal but the passion that real fans exude.

Located in Mesa, nears some very cool attractions this venue is nice spread out and relaxed. Some conventions try to cram too much into a small area and it can be stressful trying to navigate but you will not have this problem at Taiyou. This year will be the second time we have been privilege to attend and we can wait for what’s in store.

Please check out our coverage of our last visit by clicking here.

Otherwise… see you at the show.  

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